What we do

Here is a preview of the various services that we offer

We offer multiple scanning services. Our focus is on helping business go paperless. All documents are carefully scanned and digitised to keep your data safe and secure. Our specialisation is to provide all types of scanning services. From books, papers to everything else that needs to be digitised, we do a complete job.


When office spaces complain of clutter and lack of space, our services can help you revert this scenario. We will scan all your bulky documents and big files. This carefully removes all the clutter. All the space being blocked by the big documentation disappears and you are left with a neat and clean looking office. You get rid of all the big stacks leaving you with a more organised office space.


This service is particularly useful for those with large drawings as part of their regular data storage. These drawings are absolutely important and crucial to the survival of your business. However, leaving them in the open risks damaging them. The data when exposed to external environment can be damaged due to natural calamities, moisture, etc. However, when you digitise the data, this risk is eliminated. Once online, your data is safe and secure.


We do all types of book scanning. Precious manuscripts and all the other valuable data that was once at the verge of extinction will now be easily accessible thanks to the digitisation. This is the future of book storage. In fact, storing them this way gives you a chance to appreciate their value in a better way.


This is our unique text recognition software. With this all types of text is converted into a digital format. Information that you want to read is now digitised. This digitisation happens from the hand written copy and therefore simplifies matters. The OCR software we use is of top grade quality. This guarantees complete safety and security of the data. Additionally, the software reliably converts all the information allowing you to make the most of a digitised version.


Once converted using OCR, the data can be edited, modified and of course made to look better in the digital format. This eliminates the need to rely exclusively on the hand written copy.


We understand the security concerns when dealing with valuable data and records. Therefore, we offer onsite document services. The big advantage of this service is that the document don’t have to leave the premises. This actually leaves you in charge of the conversion with the scanning happening in the security of your own office. Our team will simply facilitate this by bringing all the required equipment to the site.


So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to know more about how our document scanning services can help your business grow.