Text Recognition

Optical Character Recognition

Are you wondering what this service is? If yes, you need to read on to understand in better detail. First things first, let’s be clear, the service is a part of document digitising methods. Now, let’s move on to the in-depth knowledge.


What is optical character recognition?


Optical character recognition-what is this? Before we are able to explain the usability, we need to familiarise you with the basic definition. As the name suggests, this is a method used to recognise every character of the document. This includes text that has been written, image captions, so on and so forth.


How does it help in document scanning?


Now, you might be wondering, how the service helps in document scanning. Well, we are here to digitise your records. Complete digitisation is what we promise and in order to live up to this promise, we need optical character recognition services. Unlike your home scanners, we are not just taking images of the document and storing it for future references. We are helping your digitise the data. For digitisation, we need to ensure that the handwritten text is converted into a digital format. This is where the optical character recognition helps us.

Basically, it converts all your data into a digital friendly format. This allows you to take a print out, work on edits and use your document even in the digital format. Currently, the popular editing formats preferred by the optical character recognition software are MS Word, Excel or just plain text. This method allows documents to be electronically recognized and ultimately digitises the records.


How do we work?


We believe in delivering the best to our clients. There is no compromise in terms of quality. We use state of the art equipment to do the job. All the latest machines and industry grade equipment enables us to scan your documents with maximum accuracy. We use the best software to convert your documents, this allows us to do a top grade job.


Our machinery guarantees a high accuracy. This eliminates the need to manually review the data, structure and layout. We guarantee a high accuracy job and room for error is very little.As the business owner, we believe, this accuracy helps you eliminate the need to worry about the sanctity of your important information.


How much time will it take?


We use the latest instruments to ensure that the job is accurate and completed on time. We take complete charge of the project to ensure that our customers get the delivery on time. After all, data is valuable and even the slightest change in this can lead to heavy losses for the customer. Therefore,we ensure best efforts to avoid any delays or discrepancies from our end.


OCR helps us guarantee top quality product to our clients.


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