On Site Services

Onsite scanning services are available if your documents cannot leave your site.

The core purpose of digitising your data is to ensure that you are able to get rid of all the raw information lying in papers. We are here to help you organise your data and simplify the storage of information. When you take it digital, the other advantage that you earn is that you save space. No more dealing with stacks of files in your record rooms. The data is all digital so you can comfortably access it from anywhere and at any time.


The confidentiality risk 


When it comes to digitizing the data, the first thing that people ask is about the security or confidentiality of their data. We understand your concerns regarding confidentiality and take utmost care to preserve the sacrosanctity of the information. We guarantee you that the maximum security is when bring our instruments to your site and complete the job.


For most corporate offices, breach of data is always a cause of concern. This concern is what discourages them to go digital. However, we are here to help you overcome such concerns. We offer the highest level of professional services possible. Our industry grade equipment’s do a flawless job.


To add to your convenience, we offer on-site services. Yes! Our services will come right to your doorstep. This way, we complete the digitisation of your record room in front of your eyes. To put it simply, this eliminates the need to transport your documents. Your precious paperwork will never leave the building. In extreme cases, we may request you to have the documents transported to your office from the record room. The office has better connectivity and space availability so taking care of things becomes easier for us as well.


How does it help you?


We already told you that the biggest advantage of onsite services is that your documents don’t need to leave your sight. However, let’s dig deeper to understand how these services can help you. First things first, with no important documents leaving the office premises, you don’t have to worry about arranging for any security. Additionally, there are many firms working on high profile documents where sharing the access of the data or transferring its location can lead to breach of contract. Now, since the document digitisation services come to your door, the risk of this breach is nullified.


How can you avail these services?


Very simply, by booking an appointment with us. You can call us or write to us, requesting an appointment. We will give you the nearest available date and reach out to you in the fastest time possible.

Once you book our services, a team of professional experts will arrive at your doorstep. Depending on the amount of documents that you have to scan, we will bring along all our equipment. Now what do you have to do? Here again, the answer is simple. Just sit back and relax because your documents are in expert hands. Let our team take charge of the situation and you can actually supervise the digitisation of the documents right in front of your eye.
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