Wide Document Scanning with Ease.


We specialise in doing all types of wide format scanning. This makes it easier for you to store all your large documents and successfully manage the transition to paperless without any stress.


The reason to opt for wide format scanning is simple. This actually opens up a plethora of possibilities. The big advantage of wide format scanning is that it covers every tiny detail. This way, all your crucial documentation work is easily captured in a digitised format without the fear of any important information lost during the conversion.



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We do wide format

Simplify the way you store and share large documents




Digitized files can be stored on online servers and on alternative media drives.




Digitized files will also act as a backup incase of any unforeseen event.




Digitized files can be shared instantly without the movement of physical files.



Digitization is helping organization to step towards paperless environment.

We have expertise to scan various large document formats as well:


  • Architectural Structure designs
  • Floor Maps
  • Large Drawings or Diagrams
  • Structural drawings
  • Area Maps
  • Building Structure Drawings, etc.

We have expertise in scanning large documents with 40+ inches diameter on both sides as per colour preferences.

A collaborative team work would make the task more productive on projects.

Various people work on a single projects on-shore and off-shore, sometime even from remote locations. At these times, digital files makes life of people much easier by making the files or drawings available instantly, and the files access is not limited to only person as in case of physical files, and it also eliminates the reason for sending hard-copies back and forth.

Digitization helps you create paperless movement of documents for better use:


Now no need to carry bulky files or drawings to the location of the meetings, it can be made available instant for quick review and also be shared with clients for their approval for quick turn around on projects saving time and efforts required for movement of files.


Files are immediately accessible directly from your workstation. This in return, saves time spent searching for files through crowded storage rooms, so that staff members can better attend to customer needs. Therefore, going digital can improve a company’s quality of work and customer satisfaction. By reducing the time spent on filing, accessing and retrieving paper documents, employees can re-purpose their time to work on more critical tasks.

Accessing & sharing your files and documents made simple.

Our working environment is changing rapidly, with a greater need to work with people in remote locations, both inside and outside of our organizational boundaries. One of the great things about today’s online file sharing systems, is how well they facilitate this.

Here is how you gain from our wide format scanning services:



Now that the files have been digitised, you can comfortably store it on the computer, CD drive or any other digital device. Now, if you are still wondering what is the advantage of this digitisation? The answer is simple. The digital files are easy to store and you can actually access them from anywhere once they are on the digital server.



Sharing becomes easier when you are using digital copies. Since the work is on an online server, just give the path to people you want to share it with. You can actually send copies of your work to anyone without worrying about it being damaged by the external environment.



All data is in digital format. This means when you want to access data, it is online and you can get a close look at every detail. Zoom the information or simply highlight the keywords, do what you like and all this happens without risking the original data.



The digital copy allows you to reprint the data easily. Create as many copies as you like.

This includes architectural drawings, blue prints, maps and a whole lot more.

The wide format scanner is enabled to take copies as wide as 42 inches for scanning at one shot.


How does this digitisation help your business?


Once the digitization is complete, you can carry digital copies to any number of people. The collaboration becomes easy and you will have complete access to all files. Sending messages, coordinating details and working on the project becomes a whole lot easier.


Also, the need to carry bulky presentations is eliminated. You can just load a digital copy in your pen drive and carry as much digital data as you want. Your business travel just became a whole lot easier due to this facility. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the documents being damaged.


Digitization is the way forward. So, when you get the documents digitised, you actually don’t have to worry about losing precious data. The data is easy to access, easy to use and absolutely pocket friendly. This is a one-time investment that promises to reap rich returns at various stages in the future.

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