ID Card

ID cards set the standards these days

Being extremely proud of our journey, we are a techno-creative conglomerate having interests in designing and printing solutions with a varied number of clients. Since inception, we have leveraged emerging technologies and cutting-edge methods to cater to clients across the globe.


To help you finalize a design on the go, our online, ready-to-use print designs are very effective! Based on our understanding and of corporate designing and print technologies, we have also created customized print promotion materials and id card printing device. We are currently one of the most respected names in India in the printing business, and offer offset and digital printing services like photo id card printing, lanyard printing and souvenirs manufacturing under one roof.


Our Vision:


Securing the worlds workspace with the most secure and efficient photo ID badge solutions!


Our Mission:


Leveraging our decades of experience issuing millions of personalized photo ID badges, our specialized badge issuance services allows our customers to focus their resources on what they do best while we do what we do best.

Our Business:

We are unique in our expertise in offering outsourced photo ID printing services as a primary solution, integrating proven ID badge technology within your organization’s time and attendance, security door access, point of sale, tracking and single sign-on systems; with the use of a common ID badge, fob, token, PIN or biometrics. Our secured facility is staffed with highly trained personnel that are proficient in handling high volumes of photo ID badge productions with outputs exceeding thousands of units fulfilled and shipped daily. We also engage in id card printer for sale.


We are an authorized provider in what we believe to be the best-in-industry line of photo ID systems products. We are your sales and support office for all of the lines we are trained to represent.  We use a consultative solution approach, versus a product-oriented one. With careful listening and focused questions, we help determine the best and most effective configuration of products, services and id card printing device for our customer’s needs. This is our proven technique for doing it right the first time!


Our exclusive services:

  • Use our professional designers or upload your own print ready art
  • Available standard thicknesses of .020″ (20 mil) and .030″ (30 mil) or ask about your own preferred thickness
  • Full or Spot Color (CMYK, 4 color process)
  • Standard size of2 1/8″ x 3 3/8″ with 1/8″ or custom made cuts according to prefrence
  • Consecutive numbering or variable data personalization for names, numbers, PINs, etc. with provided database
  • Bar coding with or without human readable characters printed below
  • Hole and slot punching for round or lanyard or ask us about custom sizes and shapes
  • Standard writable finish for signatures and handwritten personalization or ask about custom signature panels
  • Low or high density magnetic stripes encoded on tracks 1, 2, and/or 3
  • Scratch-off overlay panels for PINs, special promotions and contests
  • High-quality id card printing device for all


Types of ID cards on offer these days:


Magnetic Stripe Cards


Allowing access via an electronics reader as with a proximity card now we have circuitry built into the cards. Although they are still widely used this type of card is now superseding in some areas such as bar codes and magnetic stripe.


ID Card Multifunction Cards


Now we have the ability to have many technologies all on one card with the id card printing device. In order to gain access to or gain use of buildings or computer hardware such as computer terminals or even more traditional machines such as a photocopier, we may require more than one type of technology sometimes.


Photography ID Cards


Along with text in a variety of fonts we all expect a photograph on our ID card also. Being printed onto a piece of paper, it does not have the professional look of a quality produced plastic ID card which is most professional looking.


Ghost Imaging Cards


The addition of an over laminate gives this card extra protection. To assist in providing that essential extra level of security and wearing ability of the card, the over laminate may be clear or it may have intricate patterns embedded into the laminate. The original surface of the card may have a ghost image that is a copy of the holder’s picture prior to the addition of a laminate. This has been altered to appear very faintly in the background of the card.


Holographic Cards


It may have embedded Holograms, Bar code, PDF symbologies, Color shifting inks, UV printing Guilloche patterns, Micro & Nano text Holo images. There are some amazing current features and new features that are coming up.


Bio-Degradable ID Cards


There is now an availability of a range of biodegradable ID cards for the individuals and companies who wish to enhance their green credentials with the help of id card printing device. Who knows where is the limit of the technologies that may be used with an ID card?


It is our constant endeavor to combine the strengths of technology and skill of creativity to present a print management solution that works seamlessly. To provide the best quality, cost-effective solutions at all times is our motto.


We pledge to provide a cost-effective solution for everyone who has anything to do with printing online, today and every day!