Document Scanning & Indexing

Swift Business Solutions for document scanning & indexing

Managing files and paperwork is not anymore existent in this era of modern office practice. Today’s office workspace tries to minimize such manual entities and dependence on paper. With difficulty in managing and storing such files, it is risky enough to use paper for preserving confidential data in case of any fire breakout, natural damage, moisture and pest attack. The papers might get lost in the process and you will be bereft of your critical information therein. With our customized solution and an automated process, we bring forth an affordable, reliable and complete set of Scanning and indexing services for your documents.


With our specialized staff and in-depth knowledge, you get to have a scanned, indexed and digital storage of your precious documents with a round-the-clock access of the documents stored onsite or offsite. Begin your document management process and with a simultaneous business assessment of your current scanning status and the additional requirement.


Benefits at Galore

Undergo a Digital Revolution

Digitize your documents as per your demand and go paper-free. Now work out in a clutter-free environment and relieve yourself from maintaining the pile of boxes.

100% accessibility

With a secured offsite storage, you get to have complete accessibility to all your documents at any time and from anywhere. You can save your data from getting lost or damaged that carried a high vulnerability with the paper resources.

Save your time

Scanning and indexing the documents have seen to increase the productivity among the employees. Ease yourself from the task of filing and searching of lost document and just have a one-click search.

Secured and Protected

Secure your data electronically and keep its access under your control. Manage your access on your terms keep yourself away from the worry over physical storage.

The Perks of using Scanbulk

  • With our high speed scanners, we get to scan thousands of your documents in a matter of a single day. Our bunch of flatbed, hand-held, overhead and ADF scanners are going to bridge the gap between your paperwork and digital document.
  • With our indexing skills, we create both illustrated and tabular indexes. On the basis of your requirement, we undergo indexing tasks for small and medium sized businesses with ease.
  • We undertake manual indexing, optical character recognition and bar code indexing and manage those documents under a secure inventory management.
  • Our professionals at Scanbulk are always at your service to solve out any accessibility problem of your document.