Data Entry Services

Effective Data Entry Services for Your Business

The insurmountable amount of data that your organization has, poses an equal amount of challenge for your employees to arrange that data. As we know that managing this colossal amount of data is critical for any organization, but the undeniable truth says that management of such huge amount of data requires complete precision and accuracy at every stage.  


With number of transactions that are made every day, you will definitely be overpowered with the massive data work. Improving the turnaround time for any data entry process is very essential since it majorly effects the subsequent tasks of producing invoices, product catalogs, insurance etc. that are tied to your organization. In this modern age, the outdated methods of data entry are no more in the operational picture.


But, organizations today have found a more reliable, fast and secure mode of data entry services by outsourcing their data. At Scanbulk, we understand the need of perfect data management within an organization and brings along a data entry service package that suits your business entreaty at best. Our Excellent Portfolio of Services:

Online Data Entry Service

Data entry services done through virtual network on your time and demand.

Offline Data Entry Services

Any amount of data stored and kept updated 24/7 for your easy accessibility.

Data Capture

Stored digital copies and documents to be used anytime.

Data Entry for Handwritten Documents

Scanning document and storing it in PDF, JPG format.

Image Tagging Data Entry Service

Giving improved indexation and search for a particular image.

Foreign Data Entry

Multilingual data entry services for your offline or online use.

Data Entry

For e-commerce/Manuals/ Surveys/Legal Documents/Insurance Claims: Data entry services for every format, converting hard copy into digital form.

Why should you choose us?

Skilled Professionals at Work

We have a highly efficient team of individuals who understand the quality of data service entry required by different organizations. We analyze your requirement and work out the best possible method to deliver the work on time.

Maintaining high confidentiality

All of our data entry work is done under complete supervision where we make sure that only the authorized individual is allowed to access your confidential data. Even a good recovery system is maintained in case of any sudden data disruption.

Use of Technology

Our data entry professionals know how to maintain the speed in this fast paced corporate world. With the help of Remote Desktop Servers and OCR and ICR, we can convert your data of any format into an electronic one.