Cloud DMS

Adopt an automated system of document management with cloud

The most complex task for any professional resides in managing their hoards of documents. And if being paperless is your workplace’s motto, then implementing the Cloud DMS within your operational structure would be the best course of action.


Why cloud is taking over the paper resource?


This digital era needs a quick work and going paperless is the most efficient of ways to enhance the productivity. Several organizations have experienced the benefits of such a system because of:

Easy Accessibility

Your data is present within a central location. Thus, it’s no more a difficult feat for an employee to locate the required one from the sea of documents. You get to make an easy search of the required file even when you are on the move. Moreover, you can fetch your document from any device whether it being a PC or a mobile.

Heightened Security

Now no need to be vulnerable to fires, flood or any calamity. Your data is saved at multiple locations with a bank standard encryption which when required can transfer the document through SSL layer. You may share or transfer the files through these reliable systems with ease.

Automated Management

It increases the operational efficacies within the workflow. With a Cloud DMS service, your documents are constantly monitored, undergoes the creation of backups and a timely notification of upgrades.

Lower cost

Managing data within a cloud structure is not at all a costly affair. You get to pay for the data that is to be protected rather than any space taken up by the documents. In the manual sense, you can save a lot of paper and ink, making it a more effective way of working.

Fast Implementation

Unlike the management of paperwork that takes a lot of time for arrangement and modularization, setting up a cloud infrastructure is much easier and you just had to upload the documents in the cloud-based system.

Trouble-free scalability

Scale the application as per your current requirement. As per the ongoing standard of your organization, you may decide over the space for keeping your documents.

Why Choose Scanbulk as your Cloud DMS partner?

Sharing Documents

You can easily share the documents, files and folders to anyone keeping the accessibility to “view” or “edit” as per your decision. This would lend a level of protection to the files and you don’t have to worry about it getting distorted.

Data center security

We provide round-the-clock monitoring with password access to the data storage domain. Also, our 24-hour power supply and battery backup gives you a maximum uptime in return.

Agile Data Management

We keep your data in an orderly fashion giving you the ability to share and search your files in a snap. With our quick indexing facility, you can swiftly navigate to the file that you are looking for.

Reminders, Notifications and Alerts

With every change that you make in your cloud storage, you get notified about that change. It will take place if someone adds or deletes a file within this. Set up a reminder if you are going to perform some changes in the near future.