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Scan Bulk was initiated with the primary motive of simplifying and streamlining the document management across offices. What started as an endeavour to help organise documents and streamline storage of data has now grown into a massive movement that is today helping thousands of business owners manage their data effectively.


Scan Bulk was started by two brothers-Ashish Singh and Amit Singh in 2010. While the office is headquartered in Mumbai, the services expand to multiple locations in the region.


For years, document management has been looked after in the traditional way. All files, all important data put in the papers and stored in the locker room. But, have you ever wondered what happens to this precious data over the years. Well, for starters, it is at a major risk of being damaged by environmental factors. Secondly, the data can get misplaced and worst of all, it can be tampered with. However, with Scan Bulk, business owners will finally get to eliminate these problems.


Additionally, in the traditional way, the record room coordinates of files known to old employees are very difficult to transfer to a new member. This makes valuable data hard to find.


Addressing the problem.


We, at Scan Bulk understood this problem and have now developed a solution to it. Our experts specialise in understanding the complications of a record room and are experienced to device as well as implement plans to digitise the data.


Once the digitisation is complete, all data becomes accessible on your fingertips. Be it finding a single sheet of paper or a complete agreement, Scan Bulk will make it easier for you to store data and access it.


Scan Bulk services help you develop a digital record room. We don’t just digitise the data but work by rearranging all the files and giving them specific codes that make it easy to identify.


Today, Scan Bulk employs a top of the line scanning equipment. We update our equipment’s as well as our level of services and professionals on a regular basis. This is what helps us offer the highest quality of scanning services to our clients.


Our expertise.


We use industry-grade scanners that are advanced in terms of quality and capability. Our machines are built to handle the load. Therefore, our efficiency and way of working is very different when compared to the typical office or home printer. We transform everything. This includes hard bound books, historical documents and wide format documents like maps, blueprints or architectural drawings into image files, PDF and various other digital formats.


We have a thorough team of professionals working round the clock. The focus is on doing an accurate job and at the same time making it look neat.




We help your business go paperless in every way possible. For us digitising the documents is primary focus and doing it in a way that simplifies the records for your business is also easy. We are offering you a one-time investment that actually helps in eliminating your pile of paper work for good.


We have a thorough team of professionals working round the clock. The focus is on doing an accurate job and at the same time making it look neat.

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